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Feature Friday

20 May

This post was to go up on Friday so excuse the Monday post :-).

This wedding came with an accompanying email that said: Our wedding was on 12 Jan 2013. I’m Ugandan and my Husband Kenyan. I always read your blog (ciikuweds) about weddings and it was so helpful as I was planning ours. So I am sending mine so that it can help another bride somewhere in Kenya or Uganda.

How did you meet?

We met in Kampala where we both studied, it was not a bed of roses, Religious issues and other custom differences were to be overcome to reach this day.


How did he propose?

It was a surprise, he had planned it for a while and he pretended as if he had lost his watch and he asked me to assist him look for it as we searched everywhere in the house, he hide the engagement ring in a flower vase, when I found it I just started crying as he knelt to ask me to marry him.


Wedding Vendors:

Venue – Oak Place Ridgeway’s          

Contacts +254-720 805880

Carol was managing our wedding and she is the Events Manager of Oak Place. Exceptional Grounds with lots of space and clean toilets


Décor/Flowers – Termora Decor         

 Contacts Mary-0721585813

 Mary was perfect what we agreed with her regarding décor linen and flowers choice is exactly what she delivered, it was so colorful and we loved it, I can’t find anything to fault her.




Catering/Tents – Oak Place Ridgeway’s

The food was tasty and plenty as we had requested and the tents were rather short but were fine.



Videography and Photography –  De-Capture                

Contacts +254 739 868 209

Very Professional we enjoyed working with them and they did not disappoint and were on point.

oak place

Entertainment /MC /DJ – Kayamba Africa                          

Contacts Njogu +254720598523

They kept everyone on their toes dancing till you dropped,we were told people danced when we went for the photo session

coming in

Cake and Gown – Gal Bridal

Contacts Jackie +254729303082

First we went to Valentine Cake House for the cake but the way the manager treated us, we would not settle for less so we quit. It was a blessing coz my Gown (which was a mermaid design) and Cake from Gal Bridal was worth the wait. It was what I really wanted. I have no words for the cake it was beyond what we expected.


Bridal Vehicles – Executive Limousine

I will not give you contacts since they messed us up early morning on our wedding day. They insisted on additional charges although they had been fully paid months ago they did not honour the contract we ended paying more than was agreed. I would not recommend at all!


Advice for Future brides?

Start Early like 1 year to the wedding check for various vendors and compare prices, the best wedding planner is yourself plan your wedding the way you want not what the planner tells you listen to advise but decide on what makes you happy  and is realistic.

Feature Friday

19 Oct

I have really been waiting for this wedding and I am glad it is here. Mrs W was shown my blog by Wamakeri as she was planning her wedding and I am glad she told me that it helped her. Like many of the weddings I post, I know the bride :-)


  • How did you meet?

We actually have two stories on how we met…the user friendly story is that we met through mutual friends. The real story is we met at a club in Westlands, many many many years back when I was still young and hip :-)

  • How did he propose?

Well, first, he proposed to my mum like months before he proposed to me. So for months we (my sisters and I) kept guessing when he would do it. Like every time we went away for the weekend or had dinner, we would always expect him to. So after some time we stopped guessing and basically forgot about it. Then he planned a weekend away but two days to the planned date a work trip was organized for the same weekend. So he changed plans and decided to take me out for dinner at the Tribe Hotel. I sort of knew he was going to do it soon but since I had specifically told him I don’t want a public proposal I wasn’t really expecting him to. Anyway, after dinner, just before dessert, he started asking, I started saying NO WAY and he said YES WAY and went down on his knee and asked and ofcourse I said yes

  • What were your wedding colours?

Originally orange and champagne. The décor person didn’t deliver what we had agreed to.

  • Date of wedding?

1 May 2012

Wedding vendors:

  • I used the same vendor for tents, décor and flowers. They go by the name Rubi Décor. Got sold by what they were offering in terms of unique seat covers and the sample material they had was the exact colour I wanted. Most vendors did not have champagne, they had cream or ivory or off-white. Rubi Décor claimed to have Champagne. I also did not want any draping on the tents so they said they’d get those alpine hexagonal tents which are simple, white and nice enough not to require any drapery. In a nut shell, I didn’t get the orange I had ordered, I did not get the champagne we had agreed on, they called 3 days to the wedding to say they couldn’t get all the tents we had agreed on in the size and arrangement we had agreed on but it was too late for me to change anything because the wedding was in 3 days time. Needless to say, I would not recommend Rubi Décor given my experience with them. I think they will get better with time as they’re still relatively new plus this is basically a side hustle for them but for now, definitely unnecessary stress and high blood pressure dealing with them.


  • Catering – Catering was provided by a lady called Violet of Vogotyi Catering Services. She was FANTASTIC to work with, very professional, showed lots of initiative and went that extra mile to make sure my day was even better than we had planned it to be. The food was in plenty, lots of variety and I heard it was very tasty and her staff were very professional and quick. I have to say she was the best vendor I worked with. Highly highly highly recommended. Her contacts are 0712 708119.


  • Clothing – I got my wedding dress from Next Bridal. In retrospect, I probably would not have gone with them. Sorry Ciiku, I know you like them. Not to say that I didn’t like my dress, I loved it. I used Gama of Gama Rama for the bridesmaids dresses. She delivered. She always does. 0722 791607.

  • Videography – I used a guy called Peter of Digital Eye Studios. There was some confusion earlier because I had heard about them and called them up and was about to sign the contract when I realized there are actually 2 videographers with the same name. One is Digital Studios (or is it Digital Media) and the other is Digital Eye Studios. I think they’re both good, but I clicked with Peter more (Digital Eye Studios) so ended up using him. He was good to work with, was on time but I wasn’t too happy with the editing done. I gave him my feedback and he decided to re-do the editing, taking into account the feedback. And I’m happy. I would recommend him. Not highly, but I still would.  His contact is 0733719667.
  • Photography -Oh wow. This is where I had the biggest headache although eventually the guy delivered a really good photo book. So, my photographer was Kibe Gitonga. I think he’s a great photographer but he’s very disorganized, very laid back and doesn’t seem to consider work as something serious. Not very professional. The end product was AWESOME though so I’ve got mixed reviews about him. I feel he can be excellent if he improves his work culture or ethic. And if he gets a really good second photographer because the one he had seemed to have no idea which side to face the camera. She came to the photo session with us instead of going to capture the reception. I’m not sure whether to give a recommendation or not. I’ll leave it at that.
  • Venue – St. Christopher’s in Karen. Lots of parking, lots of space and clean toilets.
  • Stationery – This was another highlight, Julliet Opondo of Mahogany Jo did a great job. I would definitely recommend her and would use her again and again. She always delivers! Her contact – 0723 357629
  • Entertainment – I used Silver Strings for entertainment, we go a loooooong way back with these guys. They’ve always done the entertainment for our family functions for many many years. And they’ve grown to be even better. Wasn’t too hard to convince me to go with them.  And yes, I would recommend them. Although I hear they have expanded so you may not get the “A-team”. I got the A team and was happy with their entertainment. Especially since we were stuck in traffic for hours so they really had to work up the crowd while they waited for us.

  • MC – My dear friend Wangu Wachira was my MC, together with a guy called Kemei who speaks both Kale and Kikuyu so worked really well with the crowd.
  • Cake: I went with Valentine Cake house. Initially approached Liz of Cake Art but she was always MIA, doesn’t return calls even when we were ready to pay the deposit. I had decided earlier on that I wouldn’t get unnecessarily worked up when there’s variety. So as much as Cake Art had some perfect designs, its never that serious. The service I got from Valentine Cake house was fantastic, they delivered on time and even followed up a few weeks after the wedding to make sure everything went ok.  Contact person was Farida, 0724776051.

  • Hair was done by Dennis of Anchor. Loved loved loved him. He was fantastic to work with.
  • Makeup was done by Christian Ng’ang’a. He did a really good job but it came with alot of stressful moments prior to the day of the wedding. Had to have a backup plan  because I wasn’t sure he would deliver, up until the morning of the wedding.
  • Evening party was at Que Pasa. We hired our own DJ, he kept guys on their feet the whooooole night. Name was Tom, unfortunately I don’t seem to have his number but should anyone need him I can always find it.

  • Photo session was at Tipuana Gardens. They really took care of us. Had eaten enough by the time we went to the reception.

Future brides, plan in advance that way you avoid that last minute stress and rush. Live within your means, focus more on important things like honeymoon and making your house a home.

Another word of advice, never use Lang’ata rd on the day of your wedding :-)


Thanks for sending this wedding and I hope it helps brides [Even only one bride] out there.

I will be back whenever I have a wedding to post. I decided to stop giving myself pressure about this blog.

Exhibitionism Part II

18 Jul

So the pictures show more from the wedding that was featured on Friday!

The location was large enough to accomodate tables for upto 600 people, with enough room for a dance floor, aisle, high table, band side table and bar side table..

There were two smaller rooms (one is normally the run-way bit at the wedding expo) and another half its size on the side as well as a kitchen which the caterer’s can have access to..

The bride and groom on this occassion chose to have all rooms, i.e the main hall for the wedding reception, the smaller side room for the food set up (the room is actually big enough for two food lines and two dessert tables) and the run-way space and kitchen for the caterer’s.

There was access to bathrooms both on the inside of the hall and on the outside, and since the wedding was in the evening, the food court was empty and it gave you a feeling of having the center to yourself..

The management at Hidden Agenda served alcohol (cash bar) at no extra charge [set up charges].

The best part: the bride and groom has a separate access and do not come in from the food court [You can see this in one of the pictures above]



This was the lady in charge of the decor and flowers. It turned out beautifully. Sarit gave access to the hall from the Wednesday before the wedding. Her team camped at the site from then and allowed the bride and friends to see the venue on each occassion to change it around in case they did not like the decor.
She came with farm fresh flowers which were arranged on site. We had done a mock table with her before the wedding and agreed on flower size, height, etc.. she is soo amazing best part is she gives you several ideas based on what you tell her you want and you get to choose which best suits you.


Valentines cake house made fresh white forest cake and fruit cupcakes. The cake was amazing and they displayed it very nicely. It was more than enough especially the cupcakes. The only downside was that they were 3 hours late, and they wanted to leave with the display set in hand a little bit early.

Stationery – Cards, Programs, Table Numbers

All was done by Juliet Opondo [Mahogany Jo Designs]. She went out of her way to dye the paper blue – (the blue the couple wanted was not available) so as to give the couple what they wanted. She gave advise on all stationery related issues such as number of cards to be printed, was on time with all the stationery and her designs were impeccable.


One of the pictures has customized water in the wedding colours. This was done by Yvonne Nkatha and her company, who delivered all the water to the venue the Thursday before the wedding.

Blogreaders and stalkers, if you need any of the vendor contact, kindly leave a comment on the post and the past bride and/or anyone who has them will provide it for you.


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