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Feature Friday

3 Feb

This is the second instalment of Flo’s wedding from last week. If you are reading this for the first time, please find Part I here!

  • Entertainment

TuTu band

Grade A– (minus)

– Juma, the lead singer played the saxophone when I walked down the aisle. He was Amazing!

The band performed during interludes at the reception and at the evening party – crowd pleasing songs, easy to work with, Quality Sound and they can sang (southern twang :-)). They managed to keep the crowd on their feet all night. Their DJ Allan also killed it. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Emmy Kosgei

Grade – B plus

-Emmy was a crowd pleaser; she performed in church and at the reception.  I Love her music so I was happy with her. She arrived on time too. Yay! Con – Emmy and her playbacks! – She doesn’t sing live (unlike the band), so there were many hiccups with her CD’s sigh!

  • Tents


Grade – A (minus)

They simply outdid themselves! Very professional. They arrived in Kericho 3 days before the wedding to setup.

My only beef (which is major) with chairmania is they upped the transport costs due to fuel prices and they had already signed a contract with us!!! – Only in Kenya :-(

  • Décor


Grade A plus

They once again exceeded my expectations. Décor in the tent was breathtaking! I sent them samples of the pink & gold fabric and they went out looked for the exact color of linens and mass produced them for the wedding.

  • Flower décor

Chairmania – they were our one stop shop.  We bought the flowers directly from Finlay and they arranged them.

  • Church flowers- grade – A Plus – I sent sample pictures and they recreated them perfectly. I love love roses so this to me was just amazing.
  • Reception flowers grade – A minus – There were probably 50 emails back and forth with chairmania on reception flowers, I did not like any of the samples they did for me but they definitely came through on the material day.
  • Bridal party flowers – B- (minus) – They were ok. I expected better.
  • Car décor – B-(minus) – They were ok. I expected better.
  • Photography & Videography

Emmanuel Jambo – Easy going and fun. Very professional, (they were all dressed up for the wedding). I don’t have my pictures and video yet but I have a few samples from him and I can tell y’all his work is all that and more :-).

I will give a video review once we get it.

  • Wedding Planner

Rosemary – Splendid Weddings

Website: – http://www.splendid-weddings.com/weddings.html

Phone number: -0720984926

Email: – info@splendid-weddings.com

Grade – A-

Rosemary was an amazing wedding planner. She is very Professional, knows her stuff and is very patient. She was willing to put in the extra work to make sure the bride (me) was happy.

1. How I met her – Recommended by a friend. She had done many of my schoolmates’ weddings.

2. Vendor Relationship – Rosemary has a very good relationship with the vendors she has worked with. She also knows which vendors are professional and which ones are unreliable and cannot be trusted.

3. How she helped – I basically told her what kind of wedding I wanted, what kind of tents I was looking for, entertainment, cars etc. She went out looked for the vendors, email me their quotations, samples of their work, negotiated the prices, and we would narrow them down to who we wanted to work with.  She made sure all the vendors we were working with signed contracts.

4. Pre – wedding coordination – she made sure I visited all the vendors the week before the wedding to meet (since all communication with the vendors had been by email), iron out all the details and make sure we were all on the same page.

5. Wedding day coordination –She basically made sure everyone was where they were supposed to be at the time they were supposed to be which all went on without a hitch except for a few wedding hiccups:-

  • Wrong color for reception flowers arrangements–I was very picky about flowers :-).
  • Flower girls walked into the church with no flowers! They were allegedly dead in the cars (seriously!) I was not happy.
  • Page boy boutonnières were nowhere to be found.
  • Grooms walked in with the wrong song
  • They had tulle on the cars, not what we had planned.
  • Photographers did not go to where the groomsmen were staying in the morning …… sigh!

Advice for brides working with a planner:-

  • General rule I learnt, wedding planner cannot read your mind so don’t assume that they know what you want.
  • Make sure as a bride you still approve every little thing.
  • Research vendors well as planners usually like to work with who they know and those vendors might not work for you.

Dress – She had not planned to post her dress since she got it in Atlanta but it was too awesome so I asked her if she could send a picture for you all to see [ the things I do for you guys!]

And more pictures because Flo humoured me and this wedding was the BOMB DIGGITY!

Final word from the Bride:

Any advice for brides planning their wedding from far away?

  • Research, research Research…… You will get what you really want if you look for it. Yes, even in Kenya.
  • Approve everything; don’t leave it up to family, friends or even the planner.
  • Ask for samples. If a vendor is willing to go out of their way to create good samples for you then they really want your business and that’s always a good thing [I AGREE].
  • Make a point to meet ALL your vendors before the wedding day.

Couple of things from me:

  1. I love that they bought the flowers and got Chairmania to arrange them. INGENIOUS!
  2. That tent set up….. WHOA!
  3. That dress… double WHOA!
  4. It was pretty interesting to read a diasporan bride’s experience in planning her wedding. Hope this helps someone.
  5. And FINALLY, I enjoyed reading about her experience with the wedding planner. Now, if you are reading this and you had an experience with a wedding planner… please email me about it. I really do try to help potential/future brides [for free by the way] planning weddings in Kenya. Let us all do this. So far, I have gotten ONE response [not counting this one… Thanks BeeEm] to my post from Monday. If I do not get more, I will just shelve the post.
  6. PS: Congratulations and Enjoy your Marriage my dear!

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